How to join

A Class Apart welcomes both entire corporations who want to get involved and also individual members.

For Corporations who want to be a part of this exciting alliance please get in contact with either Starglider7 or Logan Eto in game or via eve mail.

For individual members who would like to be a part of this but are not already part of an existing corporation you can join one of our existing corporations. Please contact in game Wafflestomper Amelana or Sabairarius Maulerant where we will see what your goals and objectives are, what kind of content you like and then we can give you options of the best corporation for you.

We have a public chat channel that anyone can join in game which is Class Public why not join us for a beer and chat.

If you would like access to the website forums click the forum link and click register. Once you fill in your details you will need to wait for approval by an admin which could take 24 hours. Once approved you will be sent your password via the email you chose during registration.