About Us

A Class Apart was formed and created early in 2018 (Eve YC 120)

Founding members, D-SCO and L.O.D worked together in Nullsec (Provi) before deciding to occupy their own piece of New Eden – A Class Three Wormhole.

Building upon D-SCO’s PVP experience and L.O.D’s Industrial expertise, A Class Apart was formed.

The Alliance exists to provide its members content with the emphasis on fun being in its core values.


We are currently recruiting!

We are looking for small/medium sized  Corps to come join us on our journey. In the first instance contact Starglider7 or Logan Eto in game or via Evemail.

We are also looking for individual capsuleers to swell the ranks. It matters not whether you’re an Industrialist or like blowing stuff up! … We have a place for you! Why not drop into our public channel “Class Public” for a chat and a biscuit.


Noteable Dates:

13th Jan 2018: Both D-SCO and L.O.D leave Providence to pastures new.

Feb: 2018: Fortizar built to support exisiting astrahus and improve home defence.

19th Feb 2018: A Class Apart is formed.

20th Feb 2018: 4 x Refineries built to provide further content.

26th Feb 2018: Alliance welcomes The Rag N Bone Men.